Enhance build system (Feature #115)

Added by Daniel Nauck almost 9 years ago.

Status:New Start date:09/21/2009
Priority:Normal Due date:
Assignee:Craig Sutherland % Done:


Category:Build System Spent time: -
Target version:Monitor Release


Lets try to enhance the build system to support nightly builds and integration of analysis tools like gendarme and NDepend.

We can stry with MSBuild or switch to a NAnt master build file that calls MSBuild to compile the solution.

Some suggestions for the MSBuild approach:

  • rename FastForward.build -> FastForward.proj (the standard MSBuild file extension)
  • please provide some kind of .bat file to easily call msbuild
  • please define a "global" output directory (you can call the solution with: /p:OutputPath=../Build /p:OutDir=../Build if you do not want to set it in every project itsself
  • add a "packaging"-target to your master build file, that copies all assemblies to package from ../Build to ../Publish (so i can provide you builds to download)
  • clean/delete ../Build and ../Publish before every compile (like we do for ccnet/netreflector)
  • add the "trunk\Build\" and "trunk\Publish\" to svn ignore and do not check them in (like we do for ccnet/netreflector)

Mono Support:

  • rename "trunk\project" to "trunk\Project" with the tortiose SVN "repo-browser", make sure you checkedin all workingcopy changes before ...

If you want to switch to NAnt, just assign the ticket to me and i'll do the work.


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