How do I tell if the license validated? (Support #146)

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Portable.Licensing seems like it might be a nice package but could use some more documentation. In particular, in the example given for validating a license file, it is unclear what should happen when calling Validate if the license is or is not valid. I have tried to invalidate a license file and cannot figure out what to do with the variable returned by Validate. Nor can I tell if any exceptions should be thrown if the license is not valid. Please expand the example showing how to test the results.

Thank you.

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Updated docs about license validation

  • added missing using statement, fixes #145
  • added example on how to validate the result of the license validator, refs #146


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Please check the latest docs in the devel branch and tell me if it is now more clear. Thanks.

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Yes, that helps quite a bit. I also downloaded the source and looked at the unit tests which was also helpful. Thank you for the quick response, and nice job.

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