Can't set a trial period to span for 30 days? (Bug #147)

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Not sure if this is a bug or just need a enhancement to the trial license. In the current release, the trial license can be set to a specific date when the license will expire, but it can't be set to a specific time span to expire. So for example, i want potential user(s) to try out my software but the license expires in 30 days. You can't do that, since the trial license expired date is set to s specific date when that license was created. It would be really useful if the trial license can expired on "rolling" 30 day trial period. Can this be done? If it already does that can you put some documentation on how this can be accomplished. I'm using .Net/C#. Thanks. Ken


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if you just add a time span, you must save the date of the first run on the computer of the customer, not very safe.

I recommend the following: generate trial licenses on the fly for each user. So you can verify that each user is just getting one trial license and not every month a new one and you can enforce the expiration date. Change the system date on a computer is more hassle because most SSL certs will not work anymore, etc.

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