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I've tried using License.Manager by cloning the GitHub repository and running the application, but found some things that are not working / strange. Is the software in a "usable" state yet? Would it be possible to host it, for example at AppHarbor and use it for managing the licenses? What's the current state of development? Is it still actively developed?

We're currently reviewing a few solutions for licensing our application, and Portable.Licensing seems to be interesting, but the lack of license management is annoying for us and License.Manager seemed to fill that gap.

A few of the issues I faced:
  • After logging-in through the OpenID provider, I get to a page where the menu is not clickable. I have to edit the page, get back to the start page (where the login form is displayed even though I'm already connected) and then click on the menus on top to actually go to the manage pages.
  • After I have added a customer or a product, they are not displayed directly on the page. They are saved into RavenDB without any issue, but even refreshing the page doesn't make them show up. I have to restart the application and then they appear.
  • After creating a license, the .lic file that I can download has an "Id" with only 0 (<Id>00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000</Id>). That seems a bit strange to me.

Finally, is the application creating a public/private key pair for signing the license keys? If yes, where is it located, so that I can verify the .lic file from my application? If no, how do I add the private key for signing the .lic files?

Thanks in advance.


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currently this project was just a proof of concept.
Most parts of it are working, but the user management not. You can host ist everywhere you can run ravendb or just rewrite it to use another backend.

If you want a working solution without writing any code, just try the License.Manager-Light and push it to Azure for example.
The License.Manager project needs some love.

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