Beta 4 Release

FastForward.NET Beta 4 has been released
Added by Craig Sutherland almost 9 years ago

It’s been a while, I’ve been side tracked with trying to track some performance issues with CC.NET. I have just posted the binaries for the fourth beta – although most of the changes have been around for a few weeks. The following items have been added/fixed:

  • Swapped Ok and Cancel buttons
  • Cleaned up the settings dialog so the name of the tab is not on each button within the tab
  • Added a double-click action to the all projects grid – the user can choose which action to perform
  • Added servers and projects to the system tray – clicking on a project triggers the double click action

I am running this as my CC.NET monitor and it seems to be working. I know there are a couple of issues with configuration that need to be resolved, otherwise it is ready for release :)

The binaries can be downloaded from