Portable.Licensing examples for Visual Basic .NET

Added by Daniel Nauck almost 5 years ago

Thorsten WeiƟ and Fabian Deitelhoff ported the C# example from the dotnetpro article to Visual Basic .NET and published it on github: https://github.com/fdeitelhoff/VB.NET-License-Manager

Thanks for your work.


Added by Naresh Patel over 2 years ago

Hi Daneil,

Thanks for sharing source code. I am going to use portable licensing for my upcoming product. I had a look at your demo application and was wondering how normally we distribute the licenses to end users? Do we send license file along with product?

Secondly, the license file that you create is in the plain text format. Do we need to encrypt them before sending license file to customer using a private key? It would be great if you could explain the entire process from generating public/private keys till validating the license at the customer end, if possible through diagram for more clarity.