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07:18 am License.Manager Support #153 (New): Ability to detect system clock change?
can you please re-open this issue here: https://github.com/dnauck/Portable.Licensing
Thank you very much.


02:50 pm Portable.Licensing Bug #147 (New): Can't set a trial period to span for 30 days?
if you just add a time span, you must save the date of the first run on the computer of the customer, not very...
02:46 pm License.Manager Support #150 (New): Questions regarding License.Manager
currently this project was just a proof of concept.
Most parts of it are working, but the user management not...
02:42 pm License.Manager Support #152 (New): When try to create Key Generator it threw an exception
how do you create a new key? What key-size?
The stack trace does not help much.
Any reason why you want...


09:45 am License.Manager Support #149 (Assigned): Default login
Currently there is not default user nor a WebUI add add a new User. Simply use the OpenID Provider for now.
09:44 am License.Manager Support #148 (Assigned): HttpListenerException (0x5): Access is denied
yes RavenDb wants to open a port for its internal HTTP WebInterface .. that needs admin rights. Its not needed...


03:45 pm Portable.Licensing Support #146 (Feedback): How do I tell if the license validated?
Please check the latest docs in the devel branch and tell me if it is now more clear. Thanks.
03:43 pm Portable.Licensing Wiki edit: GettingStarted (#3)
add info about License.Manager
03:43 pm Portable.Licensing Wiki edit: GettingStarted (#2)
Update to latest docs
03:40 pm Portable.Licensing Support #145 (Resolved): Portable.Licensing examples don't compile
Applied in changeset commit:27db450be35e4a15ef6d2a65d625fa5a9ececa31.

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